Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dancin' a Little Jig!

WAHOO! Today's OB appointment went really well! (Dancing a little jig right now!) It was sooooooooooo nice to leave an appointment without bad news, or even just ok news...I left with GOOD news! ALL good news! Here's today's info:

Baby boy is big! He's measuring around 31.5 weeks and I will just be 30 on Thursday. And not only is he big, but he's taking after his big sister and has an even bigger noggin! His head is measuring just past 32 weeks! Pretty glad I'll be having a c-section now. His heart rate was 140. He is currently head down and the giant bump that keeps protruding from my upper right side is his rear end. I got a picture of his face, but he was so active, the picture is really blurry and even I (self proclaimed ultrasound picture interpreter) can't really tell what it's a picture of.

My blood sugar levels have been really well controlled (for the most part) by my new fun diet. I have had a few spikes, but Dr. O said he isn't concerned. He said the levels look so good, that he isn't concerned at all about me needing insulin. He also said it's very unusual to see the diet work so quickly for someone. The negative of the diet is that I have lost 3lbs just since Friday. He said he would have liked me to keep my weight the same, but isn't too concerned as long as I start gaining again.

I had some contractions while I was in the office and Dr. O confirmed that most of them are BH (the non painful ones I'm having). He said that if I have 4 or more painful ones in an hour to call immediately, but being that I am down to 3-4 painful ones a day he isn't too concerned about them either.

And the best news of the day...my cervix has actually lengthened! Today's measurement was almost 3cm! Dr. O said he was shocked but so happy to see that measurement. There's still some funneling, but it's about the same as before.

What does all this good news mean for me? Well I will not be getting steroid shots for now. Dr. O feels that as long as things continue to go this well, I won't need them, and if he feels I do need them, he'll let me know. And second...I am OFF...I repeat OFF...of bed rest! I am still on my restricted activity (no lifting Julianna mainly and lay down if I feel I need to). But I don't need to line up people to watch Julianna anymore (for now at least). That is what has made me the happiest today! With Joe's schedule this week Julianna was going to be home 1 day out of 7! And now she will come home tomorrow and not have to go anywhere else for awhile! I am so happy!

Now, before I get all the comments about taking it easy and such, I AM going to be careful about how much activity I'm doing, and I promise I won't over do it.

I hope and pray that I can continue to have awesome OB appointments like today!


  1. ALL FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!! I am soooooo glad tohere your appointment went soooo well!! AND I am sooo glad you dont have to get the steroids thats even BETTER!!!!!!!

    Way to go Baby K!!!! And what a great thing to be off this modified bed rest!!! Thats GREAT!!!!!!!

    What an awesome appointment CELEBRATE just to too hard :)

    Now I will be expecting to see you NEXT Sunday the 14th for a twin baby shower LOL LOL LOL

    Seriously GREAT NEWS I am happy for you!

  2. Awesome awesome awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is the best news!!!


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