Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

Wow, Christmas just flew past this year! Christmas Eve, Julianna and I went to Joe's family's for our Christmas there (sadly, Joe had to work Christmas Eve this year). She had a lot of fun playing with the cousins, and opening her gift and mine. She was so tuckered out, she was asleep before we left there. Thank goodness for her Uncle Daryl who was able to carry her into the house for bed (we had to hitch a ride since I can't lift Julianna into her carseat).

Christmas morning, she slept until almost 8am! (but this morning was up at 6! what gives???) We didn't wrap her table and chairs daddy made her and she immediately went over to it and sat down. Then she saw the gifts under the tree and proceeded to put them all on the table and then sit down to open them. It was too funny!

Getting ready to open her presents.
She definitely had the hang of unwrapping.

Her face lit up when she realized this one was a Veggietales book.
Yay, she liked her felt food!
Daddy...I mean Santa...picked out some cars for her. She loved those too!
I had several "bed rest victims" this Christmas. Those are the people who unfortunately did not get gifts from me since I couldn't go shopping. Joe was one of them. We actually agreed not to get each other gifts...but he didn't listen. I opened a Snuggie. Seriously?? Yes, a Snuggie. I make fun of them all the time and told him he had to wear it first. When I opened it, there was a new phone inside! He was in so much trouble for getting me a gift! But I LOVE it! So I forgave him. :0)
Joe wearing my Snuggie.
Grandma and Grandpa K and Papa Corn and Grandpa S all came over in the morning and brought Julianna a few more things.
She loves her tea set from Grandma & Grandpa K.

The rest of Christmas Day was spent at my parents with aunts, uncles, my parents, my grand parents, and my sister and her family.
Erin painted Ellie's nails for the holidays.
Julianna helping me open a gift.
The kids in PJ's and cowboy hats (from Grandma & Grandpa H)

I love Christmas time and it is even more exciting now that Julianna is getting older! I can't wait for next year!


  1. Hey where is a picture of the new phone?? ;p Glad you had a great Christmas. Its too bad we where not able to get together but this summer for sure and I will get to meet baby K then too!

  2. Look like she had a wonderful Christmas!! We should definally take the kids sledding for sure. Anytime you guys want to go, just let me know. We took the boys last year and they had a blast.


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